Helena Christensen, an icon of the legendary super­model era, is the star of the new spring/summer collection


AIRFIELD: Ms Christensen, you like to stand behind as well as in-front of the camera – what do you find so fascinating about photography?

Helena Christensen: The fact that photography knows no ­limits. You can photograph something new every day, every second. No two pictures are the same. You can capture everything you see. That is still magical for me. Photography enables you to freeze the special moments in life. To present your own perspective to the world. I love photographing the sea and other people…

As a model, you are always travelling – what items are essential to take with you?

Oversized sweaters! Especially when they are longer and you can wear them as a dress. They have to be very soft and wonderfully cosy.

How did the collaboration with AIRFIELD come about?

When I received the enquiry, I looked at the last campaign and imm- ediately fell in love. The fashions look so young and modern. I was also able to come to Austria and work with this fantastic team. I didn’t hesitate for a second!

What do you expect of a top fashion collection?

Variety! It must be possible to combine all the items and of course, the quality must be high. I also like it when fashion pieces come with special detailing such as flower prints or colourful patterns. And AIRFIELD has all of that. The collection pieces are also very feminine and suit any woman.

What does easy glamour mean to you?

Oh, glamour can be so many things. There are people who look wonderfully glamorous without putting much effort into their outfit. For me, there has to be a touch of effortlessness despite all the glamour – because only then can glamour be fun. 



„I admire women who always go their own way“