She is beautiful, incomprehensibly talented and very funny: Jennifer Lawrence is the new queen of the lm industry. We discussed dreams, fame and beauty with the Oscar winner.


AIRFIELD: How does it feel to be living your dream – acting?

Jennifer Lawrence: Great! I am so lucky to be able to live out this dream. I can do what I love the most: acting. Even as a child I dreamt of winning an Oscar! (laughs)

You are a big role model for millions of young women – how do you handle that?

It places a great pressure on me. After all, that’s not something you seek out, it just happens. If someone were to ask me if I would like to be a role model to millions of young women, I would say ‘no’ but that’s how it is and I have to deal with the situation.

Were you prepared for the fame when you had your breakthrough 7 years ago or were you still too young?

I can still remember my first award season well in 2010. The stylists put me in clothes and I didn’t recog- nise myself. Suddenly everyone was looking at me and listening to me. It really frightened me. I could only think “Don’t listen to me! I am much too young. I’m only 20!”

And how do you protect your privacy, your personal freedom?

I don’t think anyone knows where I live at the moment and it should stay that way. So I barely leave my house. I don’t even go to the supermarket. It’s like being under house arrest but that’s the only way of protecting my privacy.

Are you afraid that this will never change?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Just before a film is released, it gets very bad and I think “I can’t live like this”. Then I would like to run away – to Africa or Australia. But after a short time, things calm down again. And that’s good because, after all, acting is my job.

And what do you like about it?

Oh there are so many good things. Acting keeps me alert, it sharpens my mind and I can try out new things.


Jennifer Lawrence

„Acting keeps me alert. It sharpens my mind.“

Jennifer Lawrence

„I never travel without my diary“

So would a ‘normal’ life not be for you?

Well if I could choose, I would like to have both. A private anonymous life and a life in the public eye – but only when I really want it.

How important are your friends to you?

Very important and I have some really great friends. They are always with me. Even when I spend months away working on a film project, I know they are waiting for me.

What do you always take with you when you travel?

Lots of lip balms – I can’t live without these things... and photos of people who mean a lot to me. I never travel without my diary and always take lots of sweet and comfortable clothes with me. I love sweet and comfortable clothes.

Speaking of clothes – do you like being styled for the red carpet?

Hmm, it’s something you have to get used to... at the start, I felt like a doll. People came to my house, I simply had to stretch out my 14 AIRFIELD arms and they put me in these expensive and uncomfortable clothes and shoes. I had my make- up done, my hair done and at the end, all I had to do was purse my lips so they could app- ly the lipstick – as I said, just like a doll. (laughs)

How do you manage to stay so down-to-earth?

Why should I take my feet off the ground? Because I’m famous? I am a passenger who was able to jump on the happiness train and I’m glad I managed it.

Are you afraid of this journey ending one day?

No, not at all. If people don’t want to see me anymore, I’ll just go back to where I came from.

How do you relax?

I do sport – from weights to cardio and yoga. But I also feel super relaxed when I watch TV. I love watching bad reality shows... (laughs)