II am very ambitious because I hate to fail. I am really afraid of failure. It’s always there in my mind. I know that failure is part of life and you can learn from it – you have to. There is a saying by Samuel Beckett: “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better”. You learn from it and risk more the next time – only then can we learn, right? But otherwise I don’t like it!

… Fame:
I believe I have learnt from my father (actor lan Skarsga?rd) to remain very down-to-earth with fame. You should never forget your friends/family in all the glamour. I am very grateful to him for that.

.… His celebrity life:
To be honest, I am just as normal and sometimes just as crazy as anyone else. Probably a lot of people think I’m boring (laughs). I always visit the same restaurants or pubs as before. I feel very much at home there.

… Old friends:
I try to travel to Sweden as often as possible and visit my childhood friends. One is a carpenter, one is unfortunately unemployed and one works as an insurance represen- tative. We have known one another since we were 6 years old. They always manage to get my feet back on the ground. My old hood – how much I miss you when I am away for too long.

… New friends:
I am very open to making new friends. I love getting to know new people. And you quickly realise who is being serious and who just wants to tag along to parties and events. And believe me, there are a lot of them in Los Angeles, really a lot.

… Prince Harry:
In 2013, we took part in the ‘Waking with the Wounded’ charity campaign together. We walked to the Antarctic to raise money for dis- abled war veterans. During those weeks spent together in the cold, I forgot that he is a real price. Harry is quite simply a nice bloke.


Born: 25 August 1976 in Stockholm
Career: ‘True Blood’, ‘13’, ‘The East’, ‘Legend of Tarzan’, ‘Big Little Lies’
Private: After flirting with Lady Gaga, Alexander got lucky with It girl Alexa Chung